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Water Tank Liners

Do you think your concrete tanks has seen its day? Concrete tanks can be very expensive to replace, also to remove. A water tank liner may solve the problem at a cost effective price.

North Coast Water Tanks specialise in the supply and installation of quality water tank liners.  These liners can be custom made to fit any sized commercial or domestic tank where repairing or waterproofing is not viable.  Installing a liner can be an inexpensive solution for both older and new tanks. Liner installation is usually relatively quick, with tanks being offline for only a limited amount of time.

All materials used meet the AS/NZS 4020 for use as potable drinking water, while still having excellent flexibility and durability. At North Coast Water Tanks every liner is made to measure. Designed and shaped by sophisticated software, every liner is carefully patterned and cut by a robotic cutter to ensure a superior fit. Any joins are welded with the exclusive ‘wedge weld’ – stronger than a traditional weld, it has no creases or flaps, giving you a more hygienic liner.

All liners also come with;

  • Exclusive ‘wedge weld’ on joins
  • Choose from a variety of tank fittings
  • Warranty options on all liners
  • Over 25 years experience in liquid containment
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Accreditation for manufacturing Certified by the Water Quality Centre to meet AS4020 (Int) 1994
  • Australian made, for the Australian climate
  •  Our Potable Tank Liner – our most popular, and ‘standard’ tank liner. north coast water tank  liners are specially designed as a low cost Potable grade membrane for storage of drinking water. The standard gauges are 0.50mm or 0.75mm. It comes in black, is very flexible and is produced from high FOOD GRADE virgin ingredients containing no harmful B.P.As that meet the stringent requirements of AS4020 (Int) 1994 for potability.

POLYPROPYLENE is a durable tank membrane, based on a coated POLYPROPYLENE reinforced mesh. Wherever water or other liquids need to be retained. POLYPROPYLENE LINERS offers a simple, highly durable and effective solution, without risk of shrinkage.

Aeon primarily designed as high performance, flexible membrane liners manufactured using DuPont Elvaloy© technology. Available in black 0.75mm gauge and reinforced .90mm gauge, are suitable for use with potable water and have excellent heat, oil, fuel and chemical resistance making it appropriate for containment of a wide range of liquids.

If you would like to know more about our tank liners please do not hesitate to contact us we can also advise you if a D.I.Y. liner and  installation kits is suited  please feel free to contact the team at north coast water tanks  for more information..