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Preparing for a dry rainwater tank

The beauty of using a rainwater tank is that a family knows that there can be an alternative use for the water, instead of letting it all go down the drainage system. Tapping into this resource makes sure that there is an extra water supply in the home for multiple uses. However, what happens when the rainwater tank runs empty? It gets even worse when all the rainwater has been used and the rainy season has just about ended. This is a phase people need to consider when they are using rainwater for home uses such as laundry or toilets.

Consider having a rainwater control switch

Always consider the possibility that some change needs to happen when it has not rained for some days and the rainwater tank is running empty. Having a rainwater harvesting control switch can save the day. There is a wide range of control switches sold with the tanks and pumps. The switches usually have a sensor that will be attached to the rainwater tank to detect when the tank runs empty. The sensor switch will then let the mains water to continue flowing directly into the house. These switches ensure that the tank’s pumps do not continue running when the tanks do not have water.

Houses that have some plantation in the backyard or a greenhouse project will also find the control switch very handy. Most of the families that run these projects want to be sure about the source and quantity of the water that they use for irrigation purposes. Authorities have varied and specific rules regarding the use of mains water for irrigating plants or watering the lawns.

Switches give you more control of the water source

When a switch is installed, some specific levels are chosen to make sure that there is a continuous supply of water to be diverted to toilet cisterns or outdoor taps. This avoids situations when mains water is being used, but there is a tank full of rain water kept idle. When the tank water is depleted, it can be shut off until the next round of rainwater collection.

Intelligent systems have indicators so that someone can at any one point know whether he is using mains supplies or tank reserves. More information is an advantage because the domestic you can decide when to top up a swimming pool or water a garden.