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How to Choose Between a Poly Water Tank and a Steel Tank

Many people accept the idea that it is beneficial to have rain water tanks as a backup plan for the City’s mains water supply. The tricky part comes when it is time to choose between steel and poly water tanks. For many starter families, the process of choosing the proper tank for their needs can be an overwhelming task with so many variables. Here are some tips that a family can consider in order to make the most suitable pick for their needs.

Cross check the available space

The available space will always determine the type of tank that can be bought. Slimline designs are only available in the poly tanks range. It is possible to make Slimline designs because moulds are used, quite unlike the manufacture of steel tanks where sheets are rolled up and joined together. A buyer needs to examine the available floor space and select a tank that occupies a very small footprint but can store a lot of water. A steel tank is not a good option where the intended location is a squeezed space in between two walls.

Consider the preferred location of the tank

Where do you plan to locate the tank? Sometimes, the only available location is somewhere that is always visible or right next to a frequently used walkway. If the tank is always going to be seen, then a buyer should look for tanks that have high aesthetic value. Think about the designs that will look good, but those that will not stand out too much. Lately, landscapers recommend sleek and compact design tanks even though personal preferences are likely to rule in this case.

Have you ever wondered where someone draws the line between personal preference and practicality. Some Slimline tanks can function as partitions because they closely resemble walls. In many cases, a homeowner can install a rainwater tank without anybody realizing that the new addition is a tank. Some of the tanks can work well as yard or parking bay partitions.

Always consider their sustainability and durability

Steel is a very long lasting material and can be corrosion resistant if it is coated with a galvanizing material such as zinc or a Colorbond finish. Steel can be completely recycled once someone feels that the tank is not going to be used any more. It is a good pick if environmental aspects are considered. Poly tanks also have adequate corrosion protection, but it is difficult to recycle Poly tanks. A steel rainwater tank will give people the needed strength, extra UV protection alongside good corrosion protection. This means a homeowner can have the best of both worlds with a coated steel tank.

One solution may work better in one home but not be a perfect solution in another home. Before making a purchase, you should go thorough a list of priority needs and consider the factors such as space, aesthetics, cost and sustainability to come up with the best solution.