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Concrete Water Tank Repairs

The older a concrete tank is the more likely it is to develop cracks and holes over time  causing water leaks and seeps.

North Coast Water Tanks  have a specialised concrete water tank repair method that can save your tank and save you money. North Coast Water Tanks use specialised cement-based and waterproofing products to repair the source of the leaking tank.

The source of a leaking tank can be caused by many factors:

  • unstable foundation and ground movements
  • breaking down off concrete over time
  • tree roots penetrating of the tank creating leaks
  • pressure from the weight of the water causing movement

Our service will provide you with  an assessment of your tank which will include;

  • tank inspection and assessment
  • determine the cause of the leak/s
  • discuss the cause of the leak for the best possible outcome of the repair to ensure a long lasting solution
  • cost of the repair
  • patch the cracks or holes with specialised waterproofing products
  • apply a waterproofing membrane over the affected area
  • If we belive your tank can not be repaired we can provide you with a cost affective solution

If you would like a quote, or to arrange an on-site visit for your water tank repair, please do not hesitate to contact us via our appointment form on the right or phone us on 02 66 888 055 or 0407 002 833

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