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Central Coast / North Coast Water Tanks is one of NSW’s longest established and experienced Water Tank and Rain Water Harvesting Systems suppliers/ installers with over 30 years experience and thousands of customers Central Coast / North Coast Water Tanks provide the a complete service for Rain Water

Harvesting needs:

Site consultation/ tank design for new property buyers

Most people get a pest and building report down in most cases this doesn’t include water tanks if you are a property owner or new  buyer who may not understand water tanks and living with tank water. We can help we can arrange a site consultation / inspection on your property and answer your question some of the problems people face with include;

  1. incorrect installations, concrete tanks that leak what is the cost to replace or repair)
  2. how much will it cost me to increase my water supply, (what size tank do I need)
  3. how much water will I use or need
  4. what maintenance to have to do to keep my tank water clean and healthy
  5. can we get sick from tank water

We can answer all your questions with a site consultation/ inspection. It may save you thousands

Site inspection

If you are thinking about installing a rain water tank we can provide a Consultation/ site inspection  to establish the most suitable Water Tank solution for you covering cost, tank size, tank quality, pumps, water filtration  and warranty’s.

After care service second to none

Tank maintaince
Water tank cleaning
Water filters and water filtration
Parts and rainwater goods
Service and advice / after care support

Our difference is defined by products quality and service.

How safe is your water?

Rural and acreage residents who rely solely on tank water are the most susceptible to Giardia and Cryptosporidium and other harmful parasite from their drinking water.

In these rural settings, wildlife such as possums, birds, cats and flying foxes can contaminate catchment areas which provide water supply directly into the storage tanks for rain water. In most scenarios, rain water is collected from roof tops, along gutters and via down pipe systems into the storage rain water tank .

A build-up of organic vegetation and constant traffic of wildlife can cause organic and faecal matter to find its way directly into the storage tank, contaminating the drinking water. Even the most vigilant home owner cannot prevent contamination of their water supply.

Regular cleaning of debris off roof tops and gutters will help prevent contamination, however, thorough cleaning of sludge from the bottom of the water tank, and subsequent sanitisation of the water and tank is also required on a regular basis.

For city people that also use their rain water tanks for laundry washing and other ‘grey water’ tasks, it is still very easy for cross contamination to occur. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure regular cleaning and sanitisation of your water tank is conducted.

North Coast Water Tanks are specialists in water filtration and can easily purify any water source. We have a huge range of quality water filtration systems to protect you and your family from these sickening diseases.

Do you know what is inside your rainwater tank?

If you store and harvest rain water and have tank water at your property, this water may be at risk of being contaminated. Stored rain water  in rural and domestic rain water tanks may appear clear and clean, but it is very likely the water tank will contain organic contaminants as well micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, algae, protozoa, parasites and mould spores which may enter your tank via your roof catchment area.

North Coast Water Tanks’ cleaning process is suitable for:

  • rainwater tanks;
  • domestic and commercial and
  • many other applications associated with the sanitisation and cleaning of stored water in rain water tanks.

We also provide information and advice and install a suitable filtration system to your rain harvesting system.

At North Coast Water Tanks we guarantee minimal water loss and wastage with our Tank Cleaning Services and sales of a full range of certified AS/NZS4766 SAI GLODAL rain water tanks from poly to colour bond steel.  We also supply and service a complete range of filtration products, from countertop and under sink household units or whole of house systems, through to ultra violet (UV) and reverse osmosis units to suit any application.

Contact us at North Coast Water Tanks we can quickly and easily eliminate all of these problem and provide you with the right advise to eliminate health risks.

Does your tank water and system contain: bad smelling water, bad tasting water, discoloured water, water containing larva , organic matter , dead animals?

North Coast Water Tanks has the right solution for you.  Our cleaning and maintenance service keeps your tank in top condition.  We ensure we:

  • use cost effective water filtration systems
  • use minimal water in our cleaning service
  • empty and deSanatise tank
  • check and advise on guttering and roof catchment areas
  • check condition of pumps
  • advise on correct rain water harvesting /first flush advise / down pipe advise
  • check and clean leaf guards and first-flush diverters
  • check mosquito proof screens and overflows to ensure they are clean, sealed, and free of defects
  • advice on water rotation and tank care
  • check tank and installation to ensure no stress or cracks
  • provide full service and after care.  Once we have cleaned your tank we don’t forget about you.  We’ll add you into our database to join our maintenance program in which you will receive discounts on replacements cartridges for filtration.
  • book your next service via email and receive a 10% discount

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