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Steel Rainwater Tanks

Steel Rainwater Tanks that are
Strong, Stylish and built for a lifetime

If you like the classic look and shape of the steel rainwater tanks, then you can’t go past the Tankworks steel rainwater tanks in slimline, round, modular or square designs. We can even do made to measure steel rainwater tanks to suit any size or design you like. Our manufacturers, Tankworks, employ a unique manufacturing process which means we can make a custom design and made to order steel water rainwater tanks to suit your every requirement. This means, that you’re no longer forced into the standard cookie cutter size of water tanks.

Our manufacturers create steel water tanks that are fully recyclable with a very low environmental foot print. Our steel water tank manufacturers, Tankworks, pride their workmanship and quality components for each and every tank they manufacture. Each and every piece of their steel rainwater tank components are Australian made to the highest level of quality.

Round Steel water tanks

A popular choice is still the traditional corrugated round water tank when space permits. These quality round steel water tanks are made with Bluescope Aquaplate steel, which comes with a 20 year corrosion warranty. Along with that is our manufacturers 10 year construction warranty on all steel water tanks. With North Coast Water Tanks can feel confident that you have a water tank that will last a lifetime and one that you can rely on.

Our round steel rainwater tanks range from a:

  • tank capacity of 500L to 29,000L
  • height of .58m up to 3.1m and
  • diameter from .6m up to 3.5m.

Steel Water Tank Products