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Steel Round Rainwater Tanks 1000 – 27,000 Litres

Our quality round steel water tanks are made with BluescopeAquaplate steel, which comes with a 20 year anti corrosion warranty. Along with that is our manufacturers 10 year construction warranty on all steel water tanks. With North Coast Water Tanks can feel confident that you have a water tank that will last a lifetime and one that you can rely on.

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Ideal For

  • Watering small gardens
  • Washing the car, boat and dog
  • Topping up small swimming pools
  • Plumbing into one internal device
  • Small commercial/rural applications

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Complimentary Accessories with ever tank

All of our Genuine Aquaplate Steel Slimline Water Tanks are supplied with a complimentary suite of quality accessories valued at $150,


This Rain Water Tank comes complete with:

  • 25mm outlet
  • 25mm ball value
  • 100mm pvc over flow
  • Leaf strainer

These accessories can be fitted to your tank in the positions of your choosing. Should your project require additional or alternative fittings, our friendly team are available to discuss your particular needs.

What is Aquaplate Steel?

Aquaplate has been designed by Bluescope Steel specifically for use in the construction of quality water tanks.

The internal surface of the tank is bonded with a food grade polymer lining, which protects the metal of the tank from possible corrosion and sees the tank suitable for the long-term containment of potable (drinking) water, as per the Australian Standard (AS 4020).

As well as providing the traditional corrugated aesthetics that generations of Victorians have come to love, our Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks come with the peace of mind of a full 20 Year Anti-Corrosion Warranty.

Why Choose Tanks Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tank?

1.Genuine Bluescope Aquaplate Steel
2.Made In Nsw
3.Traditional Aesthetics
5.Peace Of Mind
6.Free Delivery

All of our round and slimline steel water tanks are manufactured from genuine Bluescope Aquaplate Steel. Bluescope Aquaplate Steel, a highly corrosion resistant steel coated with food-grade polymer (AS4020), has been specifically designed for use in the construction of durable water tanks.

All water tanks, including our Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks, are manufactured right here in New South Wales with local conditions in mind, utilising world leading IS09001 certified processes.

A Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tank comes with the unmistakable charm of traditional corrugated aesthetics. A timeless look.

Unlike tanks made from other materials, our Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks can be tailor-made to fit your dimensional requirements. Whether it’s width, height or general groundspace hat’s the challenge, we’ll have a solution for you.

Each and every Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tank is backed by a full 10 Year Warranty on the tank’s construction and a full 20 Year Anti-Corrosion Warranty on the Bluescope Aquaplate itself. Peace of mind is assured.

We deliver free of charge to your property in most area delivery charges may apply out side our delivery

Tank Sizes

Below is a selection of our more popular Genuine Aquaplate Steel Slimline Water Tanks, complete with capacity (litres) as well as the dimensions (width, length and height in millimetres). Of course, one of the great advantages of a Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tank is the ability to customise the dimensions.

Whether it’s one of the models below, or a set of special dimensions that you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly water tank team today on 0407002833 for a no-obligation quote or further information.We’re here to help! IF YOU HAVE A CUSTOM SIZE THAT IS NOT LISTED PLEASE REQUEST A QUOTE FOR PRICING

Model Capacity Diameter Height
NCR1000A 1000 Litres 900mm 1860mm
NCR2000A 2000 Litres 1200mm 1860mm
NCR3000A 3000 Litres 1500mm 1860mm
NCR4000A 4000 Litres 1700mm 1860mm
NCR5000A 5000 Litres 1900mm 1860mm
NCRS5000B 5000 Litres 2100mm 1860mm
Model Capacity Diameter Height
NCR7500A 7500 Litres 2300mm 1860mm
NCRFIRETANK1 10000 Litres 2700mm 1860mm fire tank includes 65mm storze fire kit
NCRSFIRETANK2 10000 Litres 2600mm 1560mm fire tank includes 65m storze fire kit
NCR10000A 10000 Litres 2700mm 1860mm
NCRS10000B 10000 Litres 2600mm 1560mm
NCR1500A 15000 Litres 3100mm 2020mm
NCR1800A 18000 Litres 3400mm 2020mm
NCR2250A 22500 Litres 3400mm 2470mm
NCRFIRETANK3 22500 Litres 3400mm 2470mm fire tank includes 65mm storze fire kit
NCR2700A 27000 Litres 3400mm 3010mm
Choosing the colour of your water tank can be critical to maintaining the aesthetics of your home. We have a colour to suit your needs. The colours of this water tank are based on the Color Bond range of colours which can be matched to your gutters, walls, shed or even your garden. See the base colour range below: If you cant find the colour you require in the base color range above, we can also provide a painted colour range. PROCESS: Step 1 : Tanks are cleaned and wiped down with oil remover. Step 2 : Tanks are sprayed with a industrial grade etch primer. Step 3 : Final enamel coat applied in semi gloss. See colours below. Please note, additional charges apply.