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Poly Round Rainwater Tanks 1200 – 46,000L

Welcome to North Coast Water Tanks, New South Wales and queensland leading supplier of quality, cost-effective poly water tanks. Whilst there are dozens of sizes in our standard range round tanks (from 1200 Litres all the way up to 46000 Litres), slim line tanks ( from 600 liters all the way up to 5000 litres ) we have a tank for every one ,tanks for the home owner , builders and developers , farm owners

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Please browse our Product Categories for more information and contact the friendly North Coast Water Tanks team on 0407002833 for a free, no obligation quote on the perfect poly water tank for your project.

North Coast Water Tanks offers free delivery of all tanks (large or small) to your property Your brand new water tank(s) will be delivered with a smile, on one of our specialised tank delivery vehicle by our expert and customer-focused transport professionals. Provided clear access, our team will be happy to maneuver your tank(s) to their final location.

Why Buy a Tank From Us

Offering Our Products at Lower Prices

our costs are usually much lower than those of other suppliers. As a family-run business, we also pay attention to detail and work hard to ensure our customers get what they need.

Water Tank Size Options for Your Application

Our poly water tanks are not only functional but also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a range of different applications. From smaller slim line tanks to larger round tanks we cater to a wide range of uses. We also offer tanks that are suitable for under ground use and below-deck use.

selling a Certified poly tanks tanks ensure their manufacturing processes and material suppliers all comply with the standards required which ensures a very transparent and traceable quality process. We actually do what we say we do.

Odour-Free, Taste-Free Polyethylene Material The water tank Polyethylene that is used in our tanks is the best quality available and highly suited for drinking water. Not only is it UV-stabilised but it is also odour-free and taste-free. If you are looking for a good quality Poly tank from a company with great service and a great reputation, then look no further than North Coast Water Tanks

Don’t compromise, ensure your tank meets all critieria!!

material used is certified to AS4020 (drinking water) & AS2070 (food grade)

Certified polyethylene is 100% safe for drinking water, we only sell tanks that have been properly tested to strict Australian standards.looking for personal attention and the rite tank advice give us a call today 0407002833

Tank Sizes

Model Capacity Type Height Diameter
NC1200B 1200 Litres Round Tank 1.51 1.05
NC1500A 1500 Litres Round Tank 1130mm 1420mm
NC1500B 1500 Litres Round Tank 1.62 1.17
NC2400B 2400 Litres Round Tank 1.22 1.77
NC2550B 2550 Litres Round Tank 1.68 1.57
NC3000A 3000 Litres Round Tank 2100mm 1420mm
NC3200B 3200 Litres Round Tank 2.00 1.57
NC3200B 3200 Litres Round Tank 1.96 1.57
NC4000B1 4000 Litres Round Squat Tank 1.37 2.15
NC4000B2 4000 Litres Round Squat Tank 1.54 2.15
NC5000A 5000 Litres Round Tall Tank 2100mm 1850mm
NC5000AS 5000 Litres Round Squat Tank 1550mm 2200mm
NC5000AM 5000 Litres Round Mid Tank 1800mm 2000mm
NC5000B 5000 Litres Tall Round Tank 2.25 1.85
NC5000B1 5000 Litres Round Squat Tank 1.86 2.06
NC7500A 7500 Litres Round Tank 2100mm 2250mm
NC10000A 10.000 Litres Round Tank 2170mm 2560mm
NC10000AS 10.000 Litres Round Squat Tank 1740mm 3010mm
NC10.000B 10.000 Litres Round Squat Tank 1.70 3.05
NC10.000B1 10.000 Litres Round Tall Tank 2.31 2.59
NC15.000B 15.000 Litres Round Tall Tank 2.44 3.05
15000 LITRES TO 46000 LITRES
Model Capacity Type Height Diameter
NC19000 A 19000 Litres Round Tank 2160mm 3720mm
NC22.500B 22.500 Litres Round Tall Tank 2.57 3.08
NC22700 A 22.700 Litres Round Tank 2200mm 3690mm
NC 25.000B 25.000 Litres Round Squat Tank 2.55 3.73
NC30000A 30.000 Litres Round Tank 2860mm 3690mm
NC30.000B 30.000 Litres Round Tank 2.87 3.92
NC 46000B 46.000 Litres Round Tank 3.16 4.60


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Choosing the colour of your water tank can be critical to maintaining the aesthetics of your home. We have a colour to suit your needs. The colours of this water tank are based on the Color Bond range of colours which can be matched to your gutters, walls, shed or even your garden. See the base colour range below: