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How To Choose The Best Quality Tank for Your Specific Needs

There are a wide variety of rainwater storage tanks available in the market. The main differences are in the material, size and design. How do you decide whether the tanks are good quality and which of the types to buy? The sizes and materials will suit different requirements in the home. A quick survey will give valuable information on the water requirement levels, the most suitable size for the proposed site and the ideal design. For example, when the only available space is between two tight spaces a slimline rainwater tank will be more reasonable than a giant steel water tank.

A steel or poly tank has different characteristics that may be desirable in one situation, but a disadvantage in another situation. A buyer needs to know the characteristics of each tank material and design to judge which of the two will offer the best solution.

The pros and cons of having steel tanks

Steel tanks are the most common tanks used by people who do not need to install the tanks below the ground level. Steel tanks are also more applicable when there are no space constraints. For that reason, it is common to find steel tanks used in farms and places here there is an open field. Steel tanks will remain usable and secure if they are well maintained. Another benefit is that they can hold vast volumes of water. On the part of environmental sustainability, the steel tanks are preferable to other tanks because they can be recycled and reused for other purposes.

Some disadvantages of steel tanks are that for them to carry more water there needs to be a lot of space set aside. A typical city house will have limited space to place the tank. The steel tanks need to be coated or to be made of stainless steel or else they will corrode. Corroding tanks are not ideal for drinking water or for prolonged usage. They have a limited lifespan and that means extra money is then budgeted to replace them once they are out of service.

Some desirable qualities of Poly tanks

Polyethylene (Poly tanks) can function perfectly above or below the ground level. Because of the strength of their material, these tanks are capable of holding large amounts of water without bursting. In comparison to a steel water tank, a poly tank can hold the same quantity of water for a smaller footprint. The poly tanks are ideal for houses that have great water requirements, but minimal space for having a tank with a wide base. Poly tanks do not rust and many of them come in colours that lower the growth of algae.

Poly tanks offer more manoeuvrability when it comes to house designs. The poly tanks such that are slimline have aesthetic appeal as many of them resemble wall designs.